Widely Known 6 Myths & Facts about Tiles and Grouts Cleaning

Widely Known 6 Myths & Facts about Tiles and Grouts Cleaning

Like any other surface that sees frequent use of tile inside your home, it requires a lot of maintenance and tile cleaning Melbourne is not as easy as many people think it is. Having clean tiles and grout can mean the difference between a healthy family and an unhealthy family. But, many of them believe in DIY methods that it gives you the desired result, but you will also waste your time and money by messing up your floor with DIY solutions.

However, clearing up with 6 myths and facts that help you to understand better to keep your tile clean and add life.

Myth 1: Regular mopping is enough to clean tiles and grouts.

Fact: Regular mopping is a good way to clean the surface of tiles and grout but it is not good enough to remove dirt and germs that settle deeply in the complaint. Sometimes mopping with dirty water pushes and damages the dirt particles in the dirt.

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Myth 2: Dishwasher soaps or expensive cleaners are better to clean tile and grout.

Fact: Dishwashing soap is a very greasy cleaning product, which is not easily washed off. Also, these cleaning solutions used are very harsh and after not rinsing them they can leave residue on the floor.

Myth 3: Bleach cleaning is a good way to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Fact: Bleaching is great for whitening or general cleaning but the fact is that it is not ideal for tiles and grout. This causes deteriorate, weaken and become brittle and destroys shine.

Myth 4: Acids are completely safe to use on tiles and grout.

Fact: Many people believe that acids are a quick way to repair tiles and quick cleaning problems. But in fact, the acids are very strong and damage the surface and even eat the grout ending with deformation and move away.

Myth 5: Hard scrubbing with a wire brush is best for staining grout joints.

Fact: To remove stubborn stains and germs, people prefer to scrub grout joints with a wire brush. Use a soft brush for a more effective result instead of a hard wire brush.

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Myth 6: Soaking soapy water floor for cleaning.

Fact: Excess moisture for drying is harmful. This is because dry soapy water is hard and it will pull dirt like a magnet that flows to the original look.

Is time for a professional tile and grout cleaning service?

Often various DIY damage surfaces, so now is the time to call a professional tile cleaning Melbourne service to fix this problem. A reputable company will come to your home for inspection, give you proper guidance and provide a team of in-house professional experts. Tiles and grouts shine as time goes on. But, professional experts make sure to use procedures that will help your tiles to regain their original shine and lustre. Also, eliminate unwanted bacteria and germs using natural solutions and advanced tools that are safe for your loved ones. Thus, getting tiles and grouts cleaning Melbourne can really extend your life of tiles.

Summing up,

Next time! Call a professional tile cleaning Melbourne service to achieve comprehensive hygiene & keep your tile in like-new condition.