5 most popular blunders to avoid while Tile cleaning

5 most popular blunders to avoid while Tile cleaning

Tile flooring, grout, and other similar surfaces are relatively easy to clean and maintain and have a high degree of durability. When sweeping and mopping don’t seem to cut it, some people turn to more extreme cleaning methods, which, unfortunately, can result in discolouration and a generally unappealing appearance of the surfaces.

When used for a long time, these incorrect Tile Cleaning Melbourne methods will eventually harm the tile and grout. We at OZ Tile Cleaning have been providing the best cleaning solutions for your Tiles.

The following are some of the most famous tile cleaning blunders to avoid:

  • Incorrect mopping. Cleaning the tile flooring properly requires damp mopping and the use of clean water. People sometimes make the mistake of wet mopping their tile floors instead of simply damp mopping them. Dirty water seeping through the tile and grout’s porous surface creates an excessive accumulation of moisture and leads to a number of issues with your flooring and grout.
  • Use of coloured tile cleaners. When it comes to washing your tiles, you should avoid using coloured cleaners. Obviously, since your tile has a certain amount of porosity, it will be able to absorb the dye from your coloured cleaning agent.
  • Use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Bleach, muriatic acid, and other harsh chemicals should not be used to clean your tile, grout, or surface on a daily basis. Spills or splashes from these chemicals can damage appliances or other fixtures in the surrounding environment, in addition to posing serious health risks. Furthermore, cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals can cause premature degradation of the tile and grout, as well as eventual damage, if used for a prolonged period of time.

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  • Use of abrasive materials. We should avoid using metal scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning our tile floors, as they can cause staining, scratching and eventually ruin the glossy finish of our ceramic or porcelain tiles. This includes the use of abrasive cleaners and other abrasive tools.
  • Use of cleaners based on oil and wax. Although wax and other wax-based cleaning products offer some temporary protection against odours and stains, they do more harm than good to your expensive flooring. When used in the long run, they can cause too many issues and cause you to be concerned about increased maintenance costs.

Wax should be stripped and reapplied on a regular basis; otherwise, the build-up will occur, resulting in unsightly yellow stains that will attract more dirt, oil, and grime. On the other hand, oil-based cleaners trigger a slew of issues, including an increase in the probability of falls and slips in your house. It all requires solid techniques like our experts have been practising for years.


If you are a DIY-Concept fan, you may ignore such mistakes, but in the end, you won’t be able to get a strong result unless you hire a professional agency like OZ Tile Cleaning. Our experts are trained to avoid making mistakes that’s why we are the most effective Tile Cleaning Melbourne agency.