How to remove most stubborn stains from the tile floor?

How to remove most stubborn stains from the tile floor?

No matter how hard we try, it’s not just possible to prevent things from spilling on the tiled floor, especially in the kitchen. So how to make tile cleaning Melbourne easy?

Ho to get rid of various stains?

You will find it out right below:

Cleaning hard stains from the tiles

To remove mulish stains from the tiles, it’s better to go with conventional methods. If the regular cleaning products don’t work, try some DIY tricks.

Cleaning fruit juice, coffee/tea, or wine stains

  • Take a cleaning cloth or go for a quality paper and soak it in hydrogen peroxide.
  • Apply this directly on the stain
  • Now rinse it methodically

Greasy stains

Use club soda to wash the area where grease has been spilled.

The carbonated soda will weaken the greasy bond, and you will be able to clean the grease easily with a cloth. If nothing works, hire a skilful Grout Cleaning Melbourne.

Permanent Marker or Ink stains

You can clean these stains in three ways:

Dry Eraser

Use a dry eraser sponge to rub the stain and wipe it down with warm & soapy water. Then, rinse it and dry the area.

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Peroxide and Oxygen Cleaner

Drench a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide and put it right on the affected area. Blot the ink with the cloth and give firm presses. Change the sides of the cloth so that you blot the stain with a clean cloth each time. It prevents the stain from spreading and ruining the tiles even more.

Now take another cloth and soak it in hydrogen peroxide as well. Put it on the stain for at least 5 minutes.

Now rinse it with water. If there are still some ink residues, apply a few drops of oxygen-based cleanser. Scrub it with a soft brush to remove anything that’s left. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it with water & let it dry.

Diluted Bleach

Take a clean cloth and dilute beach mixture. Place it on the stain and leave it for 15 minutes until the stain is gone. Rinse the area with hot water to remove the stain completely.

Hard water Stains

 Hard water can leave massive stains on your floor. Hard water contains hundreds of minerals and can leave some stubborn stains behind. These stains are not easy to remove and can take a lot of efforts.

  • You can get rid of these stains by using a paper towel/cloth and white vinegar.
  • Saturate the cloth with white vinegar and place it on the stain where tiles are most affected. Leave the cloth there for at least 8 hours.
  • Now take away the cloth, and the mark should fade away. But, if the residues are still there, repeat the entire process and see a clean tile floor.

Follow the above tricks to clean these messy stains that can ruin your home’s entire looks and damage the tile surface.

With regular and professional Tile Cleaning Melbourne, you can increase the life of your floor.