Ensure to Avoid These Common Tile And Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Ensure to Avoid These Common Tile And Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Rarest of the rare homeowners are concerned about Tile Grout Cleaning Melbourne. And if those homeowners make silly mistakes in the midst of cleaning, it could lead to a huge problem to their property. After knowing this, no one would want to make such daunting mistakes.

We, OZ Tile Cleaning Company come up with rock-solid guidelines to keep you safe from repeating some mistakes during tile and grout cleaning services. We have been in the industry for many years and throughout the tenure, we have helped many homeowners to keep the floor shine as it was before.

With the time, it’s not enough for our tiles and grouts to clean, mop, and sweep the floor. It requires something extra than these activities. For example, when you have a plan to clean your kitchen and bathroom, you need to avoid the usage of harsh cleaning products and tools. To ensure you follow tile and grout cleaning properly, we suggest connecting with us for better advice. We have trained and skilled cleaners that help you prevent damage to the surface and maintain a good charm.

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We understand that tile and grout cleaning is notoriously difficult to execute. Most of the maintenance expert knows that methods of regular tile and grout cleaning don’t do the trick, especially if you are planning to remove stubborn dirt that has collected on the tile surfaces on deep into the grout.

Go through some of the common tile cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Improper mopping

The right way to clean the tile flooring is by using clean water and damp mopping. However, the most common tile cleaning mistakes that people do is wet mopping their floor tile instead of choosing simple damp mopping. The dirty water seeps into the surface of the tile and grout which can cause a build-up of moisture. The situation can cause serious problems for the floor and grout.

  • Coloured tile cleaners usage

Never choose coloured cleaners for tile and grout cleaning. If professional tile cleaners insist to use it, you should simply deny them. Your tile has certain porosity and it will be able to absorb the colour from the solution that you are going to use for cleaning.

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  • Usage of harsh chemicals

Strictly avoid the usage of bleach, muriatic acid and other chemicals for the routine care and tile cleaning. Besides any serious health hazard, spills or splash from such chemicals can affect the property or other fixtures in the surrounding area. Not only this but the cleaning solutions that hold harsh chemicals can bring premature deterioration of the tile and grout. This condition can even damage when get completed for a longer period of time.


OZ Tile Cleaning is a top-notch Tile And Grout Cleaning Melbourne that anyone can rely upon. Go through our website, services, testimonials, and even Google reviews, you will surely find us trustable people to satisfy tile and grout cleaning requirements. Stay tuned for more such information!